An “Annex”??

September 2, 2009

As usual, I’ve gotten ahead of myself with this web design thing.  As in I’m Not one, tho I pretended to be with   I got this far using wordpress, and then got stuck, as new additions would disappear off the bottom of the page with no scrolling possible.

Then I realized there were lots of things on my mind that were not astrology.  And there are lots more astrology articles than I can fit on the main page.   And there was the birth of

This site will have material on various healing modalities, and will be the future home of IONS podcasts (Austin’s chapter of the Institute of Noetic Science–and if you aren’t familiar with this group, google it and look for a chapter in your community.  Founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the group is full of creative, cutting edge, scientific and spiritually-oriented thinkers, and I’ve volunteered to record the sessions for our local group.)

As the space for articles gets jammed up on, additional ones will show up on

On the other hand, ALL the blogging will be done at the main site,



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