Family Constellations

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Family Constellation work, as developed initially by “German National Treasure” Bert Hellinger, is one of the most profound group experiences possible.   If you are the “main client”, you can fully experience a shift in your own personal history–a shift in which the lineage of love from your forefathers becomes unclogged so that you can receive the strength of your most positive birthright:  unconditional love.   If you are a supporting participant in the process, your own psycho-spiritual growth is enhanced by stretching the body’s biochemical/electrical/emotional-spiritual pathways (reawakening the body’s meridian system) and making it possible to quite literally walk in the shoes of another.   During the process, we see quite clearly that the universe is non-dual, that love is the principle of all creation, and there are no secrets possible in a world of goodwill.   Individuals who have never had a psychic experience in their lives will be amazed to see that they are feeling and expressing emotions and experiences of strangers of whom they know nothing.

This amazing process of growth, self-discovery, and problem-solving has taken Europe by storm over the last 30 years, but is taking more time to be accepted by the predominantly materialistic worldview of North America.  With roots in Gestalt therapy and building on his personal history in the priesthood, then as headmaster in a Zulu boy’s school in South Africa (where shamanistic perceptions informed his work), Bert Hellinger developed this process to share his profound respect for the power of Truth and of Love.  In fact, Hellinger shows us that LOVE is both the initial cause of our deepest wounds AND the tool for our healing.