Scheduling Constellations

Constellation work is best done in a group setting, but individual and private “Virtual Constellations” can be arranged in person or over the phone.  These can be profoundly meaningful and effective

Anne offers Family Constellation Workshops on an irregular basis.   All are conducted on a space-reserved, pre-paid basis.   This is because it is essential to know there will be enough people to participate and fully represent the constellation process.

You will notice that workshops include 2 types of participants–those who are the center of their own constellation, and participating constellatees.  What’s the difference?

  • The person having a personal full constellation will bring his or her ongoing issues to the group.  (These may be held confidential between the individual and facilitator or shared with the group.)  The group will stand in, energetically filling the shoes of significant persons in the individual’s family, and reflecting the dynamics as they turn and heal. This individual may also participate in the constellations of others in the group at different times.
  • Participating constellatees will experience emotions and sensations, quite literally “as if standing in the shoes of another.”  The energy systems will be slightly or greatly different from their own energy patterns.  When the patterns are similar, the participant will discover that they are experiencing something related to their own life issues, and the participation is healing to very specific personal issues of their own.   When the energy patterns vary greatly, one’s own energy meridians are charged and expanded, making it possible to more fully engage the potential of the global human in each of us.  This ends up being a very expanding experience.

All constellation attendees realize, as the process progresses, that every living being is connected by what Hellinger calls “the knowing field”.   This benevolent energy field makes available to any of us who ask with neutrality and healing intent vast amounts of energy.   It’s my opinion that the healing that occurs in a constellation actually goes back in time and changes history.   It’s my guess that we do this by opening the door to a parallel universe, wherein our past was just slightly different–enough different for us to now step into a better present and future.  The constellation process opens the door and encourages participants to walk through it, but we can walk right back into the old patterns by continuing to dwell on the “old history” instead of the newly healed history revealed in the constellation.   These differences may be as minor as the attitude adjustments revealed by a new understanding of past circumstances, or they may be much more dramatic.

There are three types of constellation workshops:

Demonstration workshop.

  • Since constellation work is so difficult to explain–it has to be experienced to be understood, this workshop is to allow participants to understand the power, experience, and meaning of this type of work.
  • Typically, this workshop is held on a single afternoon or evening.
  • Generally, one person interested in a constellation will arrange a demonstration session and spread the word.  Their cost for the session is between $15 and $75, depending on various factors which can be discussed prior to the workshop.
  • The demonstration is followed in short sequence by a longer constellation workshop scheduled at a later date so that participants may decide if they wish to be the center of a full constellation.

One Day Constellation Workshop.

  • Up to four persons can experience full personal constellations in a one day workshop, with an additional 8-10 additional constellation participants.
  • Typically these workshops will begin at 10 am, with a short lunch break at approximately 1 pm, and then end somewhere around 7 pm.  Exact end times and break times are flexible, as the process for each constellation takes as long as it takes.  A session will not be shortened simply because of arbitrary time deadlines.   The session WILL begin on time.  Latecomers will miss out.

Weekend Constellation Workshop: Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday

  • Up to 12 individuals can be the center of a full constellation.