Results from Real Constellations

*  Jared had career doldrums:  No direction, little success, no inspiration.   In questioning, we learned that Jared and his father and grandfather had all left their birthland for new opportunities.  Jared’s father and brothers were “stuck” running an unsellable business in a dangerous part of Africa.  In the constellation, Jared’s father and grandfather demonstrated their deep homesickness for their birth homes in India.  As that truth was revealed, the entire system relaxed,

WeugeneSmith: Walk

WeugeneSmith: Walk

and Jared felt his father’s deep love for the first time:  love that had been cut off when the father “stoically” repressed his homesickness and therefore his heart’s ability to express love.  * One week later, Jared received a phone call fro his father in Africa.  After 50 years there, he had decided to move back home to India.  Jared’s brothers were free to rejoin their families in England, and Jared realized he no longer needed to feel guilty for success in America.

*Marcy and her ex-husband had daily, acrimonious fights over late child-support payments and visitation.   In her Constellation, we saw that her “ex” was emotionally entangled with an older sister who died.   Because his mother was unavailable, he fantasized a perfect love from his sister, and projected that fantasy first onto Marcy, and then to their daughter.  Marcy had failed to be the imagined “perfect love” in their marriage, and he was now desperately trying to hold on to the daughter.   *After the Constellation, not only did the fighting stop entirely, but the ex offered to hand-deliver the checks on time because “the mail is always late” and “you shouldn’t have to pay late-fees for your rent.”  Marcy counted it as a miracle.

*Renee felt that her whole life was exhausted in giving love to others, but no one was there for her.   Her Constellation included  representatives for the ideas of “Resistance” and for “Love”.  “Resistance” was the hub of the whole wheel of representatives.   Given a choice between Resistance and Love, Renee’s representative chose Resistance.   After seeing that, Renee risked opening her arms to Love, and “Resistance” left the group in a huff.   Renee realized that love was all around her if she would only accept it.

* Marsha and her husband had adopted a child from one of the middle-eastern countries that had been part of the old Soviet Union.   From the time of her adoption at 18 months, the child had awakened every single night screaming with night terrors that would not abate.   The parents had tried many medical and spiritual techniques to help her, but nothing stopped the nightly terrors.   The only background information they had for the child was that her mother was native to the country where the child was born, and the father was Russian.   The mother attended the constellation without her husband or the child.  In the constellation, it became apparent that the child had no attachment to its birth mother–in fact, that seemed to be a dangerous connection.   But the birth father and the child were deeply attached at a soul level.  When the representative for the adoptive father agreed to deliver the love of the birth father to the child, the system relaxed.  Two nights after the Constellation was the first night the child slept without night terrors, and in a few weeks they ended completely.  You can see more about this case in the “testimonials” section.