Long Testimonial

“I would completely recommend Anne Beversdorf’s Constellation Workshops for anyone who has those deep and nagging unanswered questions about the past that seem to be affecting their life today.  There is no need to struggle in darkness.   My precious daughter Callie was adopted from Central Asia and we had absolutely no information regarding her past.  She seemed to be, by nature, a very fearful child.   Her father and I worked with her to overcome her waking fears.   She became happy and good natured – when awake.

“Nighttime was a different story.  She suffered from horrible night terrors and would wake up screaming throughout the night.  We had not had a good nights’ rest in over 2 1/2 years.  Not good.  We had tried everything (doctors, music, warm baths, massage, routine, diet, etc.) to help her overcome her fears…including keeping her with us at night so that she would wake up assured that Mommy and Daddy were right there to protect her and keep her safe.  She would quickly resettle herself and go back to sleep immediately, but the nightmares continuted.

“I was so fortunate to meet Anne at a casual get-together and we struck up a conversation.  She offered a unique opportunity to resolve this dilemma.  I must say that I initially struggled to understand just what a constellation was, but Anne’s explanation of the benefits were clear enough to me to give it a try.

“I participated in the process on behalf of my daughter.  Anne intuitively built a constellation that told an incredible and moving story about Callie’s unknown beginnings.  As each “star” in the constellation was filled by a representative, each of whom were total strangers to me, I gained more and more clarity and insight with which to help my daughter.  I also witnessed the powerful role that other volunteer “stars” played and the collateral insights gained for them.   I personally experienced the dark emotions of my daughter’s past mixed with my own; and through this incredible process moved from the angst and sorrow my daughter was suffering to a respectful and peaceful understanding.  It was such a loving and powerful experience, led insightfully and gently by Anne in a safe and nurturing environment.   I immediately felt different, and better, but this was not about me.  Anne told me it might take a day or two for things to settle down and take effect.

“I’m so glad I trusted Anne.  A couple of days later Callie slept through the night (and so did we!)  Very quickly her night terrors diminished until one night we awoke to the beautiful sound of her laughter as she slept.  My tears were of pure joy as we waqtched her giggle and smile and sleep.  It was heaven!

“Now when I see a group of stars in close proximity I don’t think of the name of the constellation.  I probably couldn’t remember it anyway.  I think of how grateful I am for the wonderful experience of the Constellation Workshop for my family.  I think of the connection each star has to the other, the impact they have on each other, and how they light up the darkest night.   Thanks again, Anne….”    __Leslie Thomas