What Can Constellation Work Address?

Any issue that requires clarity and truth can be addressed by the process of a Constellation workshop.  Issues include, but are not limited to:

love-ladder-of-humanityPhysical illnesses;  Career stalemates;  Relationship Problems;  Grief Resolution;  Childhood Trauma;  Fear of Authority;  Fear of Intimacy;  Resolving rape, incest, abortion, molestation issues;   Inner loneliness;  Removing blockages to success;  Resolving organization dysfunctions;  Market Research;  Determining Market opportunities;  Organizational planning;  Developing goals and vision statements, etc.

The value of a constellation is that it sheds light and understanding on underlying issues that may never have been recognized.  It holds open the door to a resolution.   It does not force the individuals involved to walk through that door.

Constellations often reveal secret and profound family “stories”…  histories that may seem shocking in their detail and that feel absolutely true.   While often these stories are literally true, they are also sometimes expressive only of “emotional truths”.   For example, if a constellation reveals the emotional constituents of a story that a grandmother was a sexual partner to her own father, it might be that the physical act took place, or it might be that emotionally they had a relationship that resonates with sexual abuse.   It is important to look at these stories as emotional statements that may be literally true, but might not be.