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Welcome to the STARIEL ANNEX! There is more information than I can fit on the main stariel page (and still make it easy to find stuff... so) these pages contain more articles, podcasts, and miscellaneous information that I hope you will find interesting. If you ever want to come here directly, the address is . Among other things, these pages will contain lectures from the Austin Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) group, additional articles, information on healing modalities, and probably much more.

Thank you for continuing your explorations at the Stariel Annex ( As always, it is my pleasure to welcome you here!

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Jyotish Remedy Systems

--To me, having unbalanced planetary energies is a lot like going to the grocery store and getting one of those carts with a wobbly wheel. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to steer the cart straight, it won’t go where you want it to, and you get so distracted by trying to drive the cart that you forget half your shopping list. That’s pretty much the effect of unbalanced planets on your life. Although not every planetary problem can be corrected, at least planetary remedies can help you maintain your focus and attention even if you’re stuck with a “wobbly cart”.

--Sometimes life really dishes it out, and it helps to have some way to deal with tough times. Even under the most dire circumstances, there can be transcendant meaning. The spiritual technology of India makes it possible to adjust or correct planetary imbalances. Jyotisha recognizes that when the planetary picture of our life is out of balance, so is our life, and there are many ways to help re-balance those energies. People who come to me for astrological consultations don’t leave with a “here’s the disaster story of your life and you’re stuck with it” message. We will work together to find relief, using the astrological remedy systems of Jyotisha.

--For more information on planetary remedies, see “Astro-Remedies” at, check out Ben Collins’ excellent website,, or ask me for my inexpensive ebook Weekday Guide to Life Enhancement using Planetary Remedies.

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Constellating Love: Spiritual Healing Modalities

-- We are all part of a larger whole. -- In fact, many issues we struggle with may actually be the result of a "kink in the flow of love" from our ancestors. Constellations workshops show us that many of our lifelongissues may actually "belong" to a forgotten ancestor. Restoring the flow of love can relieve life symptoms ranging from depression, love or career frustrations, issues with family or children, and even to physical symptoms.

--Because we are all part of a larger system, restoring the sacred threads of love, respect, and dignity between members of that system has an almost miraculous effect on each member. Participants in these workshops can actually sense the sacred threads connecting each of us to the whole of humanity.

--There are many ways to enhance our inner spiritual health. The use of essential oils, learning about ORMUS, working with mantras, planetary energies, and prayerful rituals can all smooth the path of our life. For more information about these systems, go to

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Sacred Tapestries

--Anne has adapted imagery from medieval illuminated manuscripts to create miniature tapestries in silk and metallic thread, enhanced with faceted gemstones and freshwater pearls. Each miniature tapestry is smaller than a sheet of typing paper, and has over 500 stitches per square inch. The result is art that is iconic--in nature and purpose.

--Icons link you to the energy of thousands of years of reverence for the holy, for the sacred, and offer you a portal to a new dimension of the numinous. This is true for icons of any religion. They carry the accumulated reverence from their entire history of devotion.

--These treasures of silk and jewels can ofer you a small epiphany of joy and love for the sacred in life.

--You can view them at