What Happens in a Constellation Workshop?

Constellation work generally requires a group, usually berween 10 and 15 people.   Each person who is having a personal constellation (the “client”) will state the issue to be resolved in the constellation.   If the issue is highly personal this consultation can take place in private between the client and the workshop facilitator.   It doesn’t matter in the least if those participating in the workshop know the issue.  In fact, successful constellations have been performed where the participators don’t even know who they represent.   The Truth still comes out, and the outcome is still the resolution of love.

Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. One at a time, clients sit with the facilitator (Anne Beversdorf), who will ask the client chronological and factual questions about the clients family of origin.  [It is also possible to do a System Constellation for a group, business or organization, in which the questions will be about the history and personnel of the group.]
  2. Anne asks the client to look around the group and randomly select individuals to represent important members of the family or group.
  3. One at a time, the client then places his or her hands on the shoulders of each selected representative and, using instinct (“automatic ‘walking’ “), guides the representative to some place in the center of the room, until all the representatives have been placed.  Then the client sits down and simply observes what happens.

Here’s where the magic begins!!!

  • Using their bodies as “antennae”, each representative becomes aware of emotions, body sensations, and sometimes specific information.   This will invariably NOT be the individual’s personal “stuff”, but will be information about the person they are representing.   This is simply a process of taking mental notes and, when asked, “reporting”.   There is no “trying”, no acting (no “role-playing”), and no attempts to be “psychic”.  The knowing field guides the process.   Hellinger says:

The knowing field, or what I prefer to call the soul that extends beyond and guides the individual…actively seeks and finds resolutions [which] go far beyond what we could achieve with analytic thought.  [These resolutions] have effects far beyond what we could achieve with well-planned action.

  • At this point, Anne observes the group in silence, waiting for (in Helinger’s words) “the soul to speak.”  She may ask one or more of the individuals to report on their current experience.  Gently, she guides the representatives to an arrangement that each knows reveals the Truth of the situation and also reveals the natural patterns of love.   Often this involves rearranging the group pattern, to reveal what has been blocked.
  • As the energy becomes ripe for this, Anne will give ask representatives to speak ritual healing words of Truth, revealing and clearing disturbances.
  • Wen healing has reached a point of resolution, the client takes his or her own place in the constellation, and naturally experiences a deep inner shift toward wholeness and love.group-hug

At some deep, mysterious level, this work provides the key for the soul to open the door to vast healing.  I believe the process actually allows us to shift into an alternative timeline, where the difficulties of the past no longer carry the same difficult associations to our newly healed state.   Hellinger warns not to dwell on the difficulties that “caused” the situation, for this takes the emphasis away from the miracle of healing to just a new way of dwelling on the problem.   I believe that this instruction is a way to keep us anchored in the NEW reality, and allows us to close the world on the alternate reality we have just left.

Because this work is at the level of soul, clients report that changes take place in their lives and also in the behaviors of those who were not present, but who were represented by participants in the constellation.  There is a deep respect for the integrity of the individual and for the soul of the group represented.

No force is needed to open the door of wholeness once the key has been found.