Principles: “No Man is an Island”

Trying to describe Constellation Work is about as useful as describing group meditation by saying “a bunch of people get together and don’t say anything for an hour.”  That just doesn’t do it!  Constellation work has to be experienced to get a clue to the process, and the dramatic and life-changing results must be seen and felt to truly understand what it’s about.

But we can talk about what’s behind this process, and the process (see “what happens in a constellation”).

Reminiscing Young Lovelove-handshake

We are all part of a larger whole.   In fact, many issues we struggle with in our livves may not actually “belong” to us at all.   Constellation work shows us that many lifelong issues may actually “belong” to a forgotten ancestor.  Life symptoms that we carry for this forgotten person can ranage from depression to love or career frustrations, to actual physical illness.

Because we are part of a larger system, we can take on problems belonging to others in the system.  Until we recognize and release the entanglement, the problems will continue.  The longer the systemic secrets are held, the worse the symptoms in the “carrying” individual.

In any system of human beings, all members must be recognized and acknowledged.   If, let’s say, a great-grandmother ran off with the bartender and her memory is expunged, a later generation will experience problems of alienation, isolation, and it’s quite frequent that a descendant may repeat her exact actions–running away from her own home and family with a bartender!

How can you redress systemic problems you don’t know about?   That’s the magic of constellation work.  This work utilizes the inexplicable presencve of the “knowing field”, or the “collective unconscious” to access the source of the symptom.  No one knows how or why, but this human ability to touch soul-level issues is reliable, and is the key to reading wholeness.